When you trade overseas (whether importing/ exporting or delivering services) you’re no doubt aware the exchange rate you achieve can make a big difference to your profitability.

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce has negotiated exclusive terms for Chamber members with Pure FX, a wholesale Currency Broker.

Pure FX will provide you with preferential exchange rates exclusively for Chamber members. Furthermore, all international transfers are free of charge, irrespective of the amount you are transferring.

Also, one of the biggest risks of international trade is fluctuating exchange rates. Pure FX can offer you currency hedging tools including forward contracts, whereby you fix your exchange rate in advance, protecting you from volatility on the foreign exchange market.

Your exclusive Chamber benefits includes:

To obtain the specially negotiated exchange rates for your business, please call +44 (0)1494 671800 or email, and ensure you quote Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce.

  • Preferential exchange rates
  • Free priority international transfers
  • Immediate notification on all your payments from Pure FX principal bank Lloyds Bank
  • Free foreign currency health check