Understanding Intrastat

Why this course?

Companies who have significant trade with the EC are legally obliged to declare the statistics of the movement of their goods to Customs. This must be done in a specific format and in a timely way. Penalties (significant fines) can be imposed if this is not done satisfactorily. As the EC expands, more companies become included in this requirement.

The course explains these legal obligations in a simple way, making this necessary bit of bureaucracy as painless as possible!

At the end of the course you will be able to handle your necessary Intrastat obligations in as efficient a way as possible.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at all those responsible for the correct and timely submission of Intrastat data.

What does it cover?

* The Intrastat environment – who is affected?
* Your legal obligations
* The links with VAT
* Classification issues and the low-value goods concession
* The rules for supplying Intrastat declarations
* Who is responsible for making declarations
* The Intrastat data elements
* Dealing with the curious and complicated
* The EC sales list

Benefits and outcome

This course makes clear whether you are affected by Intrastat obligations, what you must do and when you must do it. This will result in your company meeting its essential legal requirements in the most efficient way, at the lowest cost to your company.


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