Understanding Incoterms

This is a half-day course which examines the relevance of Incoterms to your business and explains the delivery terms which are defined in in the latest edition – Incoterms 2010. This has applied to all contracts of sale or purchase from 1.1.2011.

What are the benefits to your company?

This course introduces the eleven current Incoterms, providing an easy understanding of the contractual implications of the terms that are in daily use (but often misinterpreted!). It will allow your company to choose appropriate terms to set up sound deals. It explains the critical importance of the event of delivery in a sale or purchase of goods, preparing your company successfully to resolve commonly-encountered disputes.

Who should attend?

International sales and purchasing managers – the crucial ‘deal-makers’ will find the course invaluable, as will sales and purchasing staff who process and administer international sales contracts and the finance personnel, who need to know whether and when to issue and pay invoices.

Course outline

* Introduction to Incoterms – what is it, what does it clarify, how widely is it used and how may we apply the Incoterms?
* Structure and layout – reading the terms to your advantage
* The relevance of delivery and the passing of risk
* Incoterms 2010 – the 11 terms
* Terms applicable to domestic sales and trade across the Single Market
* Classifications to reflect appropriate modes of transport
* Security issues – seller’s and buyer’s clearance obligation
* The relevance of Incoterms to electronic procedures
* Analysing the most commonly-used terms and discussion of the implications to your business
* Incoterms case studies


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