The Power of Export Documents

Why this course?

Perhaps you have yet to discover the immense power of the export paperwork. Or maybe you are perplexed at just how disastrously wrong documentation can delay delivery of your exports. Good documentation is the essential key to successful movement of goods to happy customers. Documents are also at the very heart of every export payment, so it’s well worth being excited about them and understanding their function!

This course helps you to identify the key documents and to understand their mechanics and completion. At the end of the course you will be able to identify the appropriate documents for any given export transaction and to explain their proper distribution.

Who is it for?

Sales, commercial and finance people all need to understand the vital role that documents play in the export game. This course helps both newcomers and the more experienced to unravel the apparent mysteries of documents.

What does it cover?

* Explanation of the functions of the main documents
* Identifying the document requirements
* Overview of the range of documents
* Selecting documents and predicting difficulties
* The invoice – types (Pro-forma, Commercial and Shipping)
* Completing a good export invoice
* Examining the main documents – transport documents (Bill of Lading, Air Waybill) * Certificates of Origin (EC, Arab and EUR1 movement certificate)
* The different rules of origin – for politics and preference
* Insurance documents

Benefits and outcome

You will understand the importance and function of the main export documents and improve the selection and distribution of the paperwork in your organisation. The outcome will be improved export success, smoother movement of goods through Customs and effective payment.


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