The Oxford Business Breakfast

Topic: Phone Fraud – don’t let it happen to your business

Speaker: Tony Brown, Business Development Manager, STL Communications Ltd


Phone fraud can cost a business as much a £10,000 overnight. Businesses are all too aware of the risks of having their computer system hacked, but it can be just as costly if it happens to the phone system. So, what is phone fraud and how can you prevent your business being exposed to these cyber-criminal attacks?

At this month’s Business Breakfast, Tony Brown, representing STL communications – a leading supplier of voice and data communications – will be sharing ways of actively preventing phone fraud and limiting your liability if it does happen to your organisation.

Attendees will:
• Find out what phone hacking is and what the consequences can be for businesses
• See how big the issue is and why it is growing
• Learn how to protect their business from phone fraudsters and limit their risk
• Take away 9 simple steps to prevent phone hacking

07:30 – Arrival and registration
08:00 – Breakfast
08:30 – Welcome and Introduction
08:30 – Speaker presentation followed by Q&A
09:00 – Announcements
09:15 – Networking
09:30 – Event close

The Oxford Business Breakfasts are designed to give you insights and informed opinions on topics that can impact your business, as well as great opportunities for networking with other local organisations. These events will provide you with a closer look at ’bigger-picture’ subjects, as well as giving the SME sector regular skills and knowledge updates from a range of speakers, generously prepared to share their experience with us. The breakfasts will also be a focus for our regular local and sector campaign activity throughout 2017.

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