Overview of Importing

Why this course?

With the Brexit negotiations underway, our whole view of what constitutes an import (as opposed to an intra-EU movement) is under examination and there is no better time to consider a day’s course on the subject.

Successful importing involves negotiating the very best deal with your supplier, moving the goods over the Customs borders efficiently, meeting all your legal obligations, while paying as little as you can! This course explains how this can be done.

We look at the internal functions in the importing company as well as the critical role of your clearing agent. The full import process is explained, with basic mechanics and terminology unravelled.

At the end of the course you will be equipped to set up a good import deal, knowing how to use any Customs concessions to your advantage.


Who is it for?

It is aimed at both beginners and those wishing to extend their existing knowledge of the import process.


What does it cover?

* Definition of an import. The impact of Customs when goods move from both non-EU and EU countries and what may change.
* Who does what? – the functions of purchasing, finance and the clearing agent
* Sourcing goods – selecting profitable leads
* The impact of Incoterms to the buyer
* Normal methods of payment for imports
* Reading the Tariff book to advantage
* How to check and understand the import entry (plain paper C88)
* Valuing goods for payment of duty
* Ways of saving money – possible preferences and duty reliefs


Benefits and outcome

You will understand the way imports are handled and the work done in a typical import office. With the ability to source goods more knowledgably, you will know what instructions to give to your clearing agent and how to avoid paying unnecessary charges.


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