International Technology Conference 2017


Latest Technology Trends, Insights and Case Studies from Industry Leaders


The highly anticipated Thames Valley’s International Technology Conference is in its fourth year and will bring together world class leaders and practitioners from across the globe, many of whom are defining the next generation of digital experiences and turning them into a reality. More than 200 local and international businesses focussed exclusively on the tech industry will be discussing the latest in technology trends and sharing insights.

The day, facilitated by Jon Briggs the original voice of Siri UK,  will include educational content, case studies, interactive panel discussions, media opportunities and much more. Delegates will also have the opportunity to network with peers and industry thought leaders.



Key Factors Driving the Digital Revolution

The opening keynote will provide an overview of technologies and trends that are helping shape and define the World.

How Technology will Reshape the World

We’re only at the start of the digital revolution – if you think tech is moving fast then you haven’t seen nothing yet! This session will look at how our lives may have changed significantly by the middle of the century.

Bryan Glick

Editor in Chief, Computer Weekly

Smart Cities and Internet of things: UK’s Position on Smart Urban Growth

Reviewing how major cities are adopting digital technology and showcasing how the UK is in a prime position to provide innovative solutions.

 Stuart Higgins

Head of Smart Cities and IoT, Cisco

Extracting Big Knowledge from Big Data: Using Data & Analytics to Expand Customer Intelligence, Improve Operational Efficiencies and Making Big Decisions

With big data consisting of large, variable and complex data sets traditional analytical methods are becoming insufficient. Our expert speaker will provide an overview of evaluating data sets to discover unknown patterns with predictive power.

Gamification for Learning & Development: The Use of Games and Play to Achieve Real-World Goals


The Digital Age, Transformation and the Impact on Businesses

To survive in the digital age, enterprises will have to transform and adapt to ever more dynamically changing conditions. In this interactive session experts will discuss digital strategies, changes in perceptions of end users, behavioural changes and much more.

Jennie Wright

Director of Marketing & Customer Development, CDG

Will Richmond-Coggan

Partner, Pitmans

Employees, Future Job Market and Education

This session will look at emerging technologies and the skillset of future employees. Our expert panel will discuss the education system, the gender imbalance in technology sector and future jobs in this interactive audience session.


Chris Blundell

Tax Partner at MHA MacIntrye Hudson LLP

BCS – The Chartered Institute of IT

Medicine Technology Advances: The Application of Simulation Technologies in Surgery and healthcare

Alastair will share the work of his highly talented team of scientists and engineers who work on virtual reality, simulation and haptics.

Dr Alastair Barrow

Director, Generic Robotics

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been changing our lives for decades, quickly becoming a hot topic, with plenty to consider for the future. This session will review a case study on the subject.

Rob Fraser

UK Tech Evangelism Lead, Microsoft

The Use of Augmented Reality, Computer Vision & Electronic Components to Enhance Vision

Dr Stephen Hicks, Research Fellow in Neuroscience and Visual Prosthetics at University of Oxford will present on computer vision technologies that will change the way the world is viewed.

Dr Stephen Hicks

Research Fellow in Neuroscience and Visual Prosthetics,
University of Oxford

Future Vehicles

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Watch the video of last year’s International Technology Conference to get an idea of what you can expect!


Please note that due to high demand we recommend two delegates attend the event per company.

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